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​The Vann Molyvann Project: The Vann Molyvann Project is an international team of architects, architectural students and other researchers working in Cambodia to document the buildings of Vann Molyvann,

Space for Architecture Cambodia:​ The non-profit organizations which aim to promote the understanding of the Khmer architecture buildings in Cambodia,

Khmer Architecture Tours: KA-Tours focus on buildings erected after Cambodia's independence in 1953, a style described as 'New Khmer Architecture', while setting these within the historical context of Phnom Penh,

Kon Len Khnhom: Kon Len Khnhom (meaning “my place”) is an independent art space dedicated to building audiences and networking. It’s a place for art students, independent artists, curators, and researchers looking for an inspiring space to network and work on their individual projects either short or long term,

Sa Sa Art Projects: Sa Sa Art Projects is a Cambodian artist-run space dedicated to experimental and critical contemporary art practices,

Mr. Vuth Lyno: artistic director of Sa Sa Art Projects.
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